Team Professional Pictures

Hello everyone!  Hope you are having a wonderful spring break!  I just wanted to let you know that we will be having our professional pictures taken on the morning of Thursday, March 28th.  ALL Varsity AND Junior Varsity will need to be there.  This is a Thursday morning, so unfortunately it is varsity’s sleep in morning.  But you do not have school on Monday, so that makes up for it!  It will mean an early morning for the junior varsity as well.  We will do team pictures and then individual pictures.  We want to make sure everyone is there ready to take pictures at 7:00 am so we can make sure to finish in an hour and get you to 2nd hour by 8:15.  You will wear sequin top (no bra showing), skirt, white shoes, tan tights, and gloves.  You can do hair and make up however.  (I could recommend doing make up a little darker than usual and I would recommend lipstick of some kind, but it is totally your call.)  Come to school with hair and make up done and then change into your sequins.  DO NOT COME IN YOUR SEQUINS.  We need to start at 7:00, so I would recommend arriving at 6:45.  If you still have ANY awards from this year, team or individual, please bring them in so we can have them in our picture!  It costs $17 per person for the sitting fee.  You receive a composite picture at banquet.  The money will not be due until you have seen the proofs.  You will have the option to puchase other picture packages.  You can take pictures with others (sisters, families, etc.) but if you are taking the additional pictures, you need to be planning on purchasing them (unless they do not turn out how you would like.)  These pictures are different than our button pictures since it is not just me taking the pictures!

Let me know if you have any questions!   Thanks so much!



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