Info for Thursday

Hello everyone!  Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!  I just wanted to give you details for Thursday…

Varsity and Junior Varsity Pictures / Videos:

*These pictures will go next to your spring show biographies.  They will also go throughout the program.  The videos will be used in the introduction slideshow.

*I think an important thing to pull this off is that we are not just doing it because that is what we have done in the past.  We need to take this year’s theme and make it ROCK (insert drums:)   Really embrace the theme and character!!  My creativity is not great, so if you have ideas for picture poses and videos, that would be super helpful!  We just don’t want it to be this thing we’ve always done.  We want to ROCK it with meaning! :)

  • Bring your outfits to school tomorrow.
  • If anyone would like to come in during ART time to work or help with things, let me know.  I would love help! :)  I also love people practicing! :)  Seniors you are for sure coming in during ART.  Bring your music ideas!
  • We have to start pictures at 3:30 if not sooner, so get ready quickly.  I am hoping to be able to be in the auditorium and if we are, our time will be very very limited!
  • You are going for the “Rocker” look.  Please research online to find specific “looks”.  You can search people. album covers, etc.  You can do rock through the years, whatever floats your boats.  Please go all out.  Bring extras, bring accessories, if in doubt, bring it.
  • We really want props so bring them in!
  • Think hair and make up as well.
  • We might have to go outside so make sure you have something for your feet too.
  • We will do individual pictures, class pictures, and team pictures.
  • We will also do videos.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
  • We will move as quick as we can.   I don’t know how long to guess it will take.
  • Once we are finished, Junior Varsity will be free to go.  Varsity, you will then be working in your finale small groups.   We get done at 6:00.  Please bring practice clothes to quickly change into.
  • Seniors, you are practicing afterwards.  Don’t forget to bring a snack to eat.  You want to get as much done as possible.

I think that gets us covered for Thursday.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!  Older members, if you think of anything to add, please share!  It will be fun! :)  Can’t wait to see what you come up with! :)


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