O.N.E. Success at NDA Camp

O.N.E. Success at NDA Camp 2016

The Olathe North Eaglette Dance Team attended the NDA Elite Dance Camp from June 7th – June 10th, 2016.  The camp was held at Emporia State University.  The team received many awards, including the following:

  • Superior Rating for Home Routine (Junior Varsity and Varsity) – highest rating for Home Routine
  • Technique Award for Home Routine (Varsity)
  • Showmanship Award for Home Routine (Junior Varsity)
  • Technique Award for entire week (Varsity)
  • Superior Rating for Team Dance (Varsity and Junior Varsity) – highest rating for Team Dance
  • Team Dance Circle of Winners – Gold (1st) for the Varsity Team and Bronze (3rd) for the Junior Varsity Team
  • Team Leader Circle of Winners – Silver (2nd) for Varsity Officers
  • Daily Awards –Power House Award (for Thursday) and the Spirit Stick (Varsity and Junior Varsity for all days)
  • A Spirit Stick for the Week (Varsity and Junior Varsity) – this is an award presented to the team displaying the most sincere spirit and enthusiasm for the day.  This includes punctuality, sportsmanship, cooperation, and leadership
  • NDA Nationals Bid (Varsity and Junior Varsity) – this award is presented to teams with best overall skill and dance technique.  Recipients are eligible to compete at the NDA Dance Championship at the Hard Rock Live.  The Eaglettes attended in 2008, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and are hoping to attend again in 2017
  • NDA Team Award– Awarded to the team which epitomizes an all-around superior team in areas of leadership, teamwork, performance, and positive attitudes.  This is selected by the NDA staff and is quite the honor.

Members of the Eaglettes also received individual awards:

  • All American – Jessica Baugh, Jimeara Brock, McKenna Cain, Riley Edmondson, Abby Falkner, Ellie Miller, Linsey Rogers, and Grace Williams
    (This is awarded to the most well rounded dancers who display strong technical and memory skills, superior projection and showmanship, advanced dance ability, good physical conditioning, dedication, attitude, and leadership.)
  • All American Nominees – Tiera Jackson, Emily Krieg, and Sydney Summers  (This is awarded to outstanding individuals who display strength in dance performance skills, leadership ability, and / or over all attitude at camp.)
  • Pin It Forward – Jimeara Brock and Ellie Miller (For standing out at camp for demonstrating an admirable trait to NDA staff and other campers)
  • Top Gun Hip Hop Winner – Jimeara Brock
  • Top Gun Hip Hop Finalist – Allure Adams
  • Top Gun Kick Winner – Ellie Miller
  • Top Gun Kick Finalists – Katy Cronin, Shalise Hannibal, and Linsey Rogers
  • Top Gun Leap Finalists – Jimeara Brock, Shalise Hannibal, Sydney Summers, and Cassie Walsh
  • Top Gun Turn Winner – Grace Williams
  • Top Gun Turn Finalist – Tierney Carley, McKenna Cain, and Shalise Hannibal

Many Eaglettes received individual ribbons…

  • Showmanship: Gwyneth Allen, Abby Falkner, Rachel Price, Ava Pace, and Chloe Perez
  • Spirit: Allure Adams Morgan Dorrell
  • Technique:

Congratulations to the Eaglettes on a great week at camp.

Members of the 2016-2017 Eaglettes include:

Varsity: Gwenyth Allen, Jessica Baugh, Jimeara Brock (Captain), McKenna Cain, Tierney Carley, Katy Cronin, Abby Falkner (Senior Lieutenant), Clara Ford, Shalise Hannibal, Emily Krieg (Senior Lieutenant), Ellie Miller (Captain), Rachel Price, Linsey Rogers, Kaitlyn Rupe, Morgan Salazar, Sydney Summers, Cassie Walsh, and Grace Williams

Junior Varsity:  Allure Adams, Valerie Bolton, Kaley Bovard, Morgan Dorrell, Riley Edmondson (Officer), Abrielle Gilbert, Kaylee Hicks (Officer), Tiera Jackson (Captain), Lily Matuszeski, Ava Pace, and Chloe Perez

Head Coach:  Sara Heptig

Assistant Coaches:  Kristen Burton and Janae Mahaffie

Junior Varsity Coach: Val Elazagui




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