2013-2014 Awards:


Best Smile: Gabby Hewit
Most Improved: Mikayla Schmitz & Kiera Forrest
Most Motivated: Ashton Thomas
Best Presenetation: Abby Knepper & Abby Faulkner
Best Technique: Lorin Prather
Best Attitude: Faith Vandehaar & Kalei Porter
Most Unique: Kara Ruley
Most Disciplined: Emily McDonald & Rachel Price
Most Admired: Ashton Thomas
Most Spirited: Faith Vandehaar
Rookie of the Year: Emily Krieg
JV Eaglette of the Year: Jimeara
Eaglette of the Year: Aleia Neal


•Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence
•Judges awards for the team Jazz, Hip Hop, and Pom
•Best Overall Precision for Team routines
•Sweepstakes Award
•Winner’s Circle
•2nd place Academic Champions in Junior Varsity Division

•Solo Winner’s Circle – Kristina Aulick, Abby Krieg, and Lorin Prather
•Small Ensemble Winner’s Circle– Kylie Dillon / Lorin Prather / Ashton Thomas
•Division I Superior Rating for Officer Routine
•Judges award for team Jazz, Hip Hop, and Pom
•Judges award for team Lyrical and Mix
•Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence
•Judges awards for officer Lyrical
•Best Overall Technique for Team routines
•Best Overall Precision for Team routines
•Best Overall Choreography for Team routines
•Best Overall Presentation for Team routines
•Sweepstakes Award
•Winner’s Circle for Officers and Varsity
•Best of the Best Award (The Eaglettes were the highest scoring team of the entire competition.)
•3rd place Academic Champions in the Small High School Division

The biggest honor was being selected for the Outstanding Team Award, which was voted on by all of the other teams.

•Solo Winner: Kristina Aulick and Lorin Prather for both of her
•Duet Award of Excellence for Kristina Aulick / Lauren Aulick and Haley Beadle / Katie Wiseman
•Large Ensemble Award of Excellence for Junior / Senior
•Judges Award for Technique for Junior Varsity Pom
•Judges Award for Choreography for Varsity Pom and Jazz
•Judges Award for Showmanship for Varsity Hip Hop and Junior Varsity Hip Hop
•Judges Award for Precision for the Varsity Lyrical
•Officer Award of Excellence
•Sweepstakes Trophy Winner for Varsity and Junior Varsity
•Five-Star Shining Star Award for Varsity and Junior Varsity for achieving a 90 or above from all judges on at least 3 team routines (highest rating attainable).
•Best of the Best for being one of the highest scoring teams of the day
•The Varsity Eaglettes were also selected for perform in the 5 Star Showcase. The judges chose 10 of their favorite routines to perform again at the end of the day and the Eaglettes were asked to perform their jazz routine.
•The biggest honor was being selected as the Most Admired Team, which was voted on by all of the other teams at the competition.

•Superior Rating for Home Routine (Varsity) – highest rating for Home Routine
•Technical Excellence for Home Routine (Varsity)
•Superior Rating for Team Dance (Varsity and Junior Varsity) – highest rating for Team Dance
•Team Dance Circle of Winners – Gold (1st) for the Varsity Team and Gold (1st) for the Junior Varsity Team
•Team Leader Circle of Winners – Gold (1st) for the Varsity Officers
•Daily Awards –Most Improved Technique (Junior Varsity for 1 day) and the Spirit Stick (Varsity and Junior Varsity for all days)
•A Spirit Stick for the Week (Varsity and Junior Varsity) – this is an award presented to the team displaying the most sincere spirit and enthusiasm for the day. This includes punctuality, sportsmanship, cooperation, and leadership
•Superior Showmanship for the Week (Varsity)
•NDA Nationals Bid (Varsity and Junior Varsity) – this award is presented to teams with best overall skill and dance technique. Recipients are eligible to compete at the NDA Dance Championship at the Hard Rock Live. The Eaglettes attended in 2008, 2010, and 2013, and are hoping to attend again in 2014.

Members of the Eaglettes also received individual awards:
•All American – Kristina Aulick, Madie Aulick, Tiera Baskin, Hannah McCartney, Aleia Neal, Lorin Prather, and Faith Vandehaar (This is awarded to the most well rounded dancers who display strong technical and memory skills, superior projection and showmanship, advanced dance ability, good physical conditioning, dedication, attitude, and leadership.)
•All American Nominees –Brennan Hosford, Abigail Krieg, Allie Helt, Emily McDonald (This is awarded to outstanding individuals who display strength in dance performance skills, leadership ability, and / or over all attitude at camp.)
•Pin It Forward – Tiera Baskin, Abigail Knepper, Machela Madsen, Aleia Neal, and Faith Vandehaar (For standing out at camp for demonstrating an admirable trait to NDA staff and other campers)
•Top Gun Hip Hop Winner – Jimeara Brock
•Top Gun Turn Finalist – Allie Helt
•Top Gun Kick Finalist – Kristina Aulick and Hana Viehweg
•Top Gun Leap Finalist – Kristina Aulick and Hana Viehweg
•Outstanding Leadership – Aleia Neal
•Application to be on NDA Staff – Kristina Aulick and Aleia Neal

Eaglettes were also awarded merit ribbons throughout the week:
•Technique – Kylie Dillon and Kara Ruley
•Showmanship –Tiera Baskin, Jimeara Brock, Kiera Forrest, Sydney Harter, Abigail Krieg, Rachel Price, Kelli Smith, Ashton Thomas, and Hana Viehweg
•Spirit – Brittany Cost, Erika Fiscus, Hannah McCartney, Kalei Porter, Raina Welling



Dance Camp

June 12th, 2017
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