NDA Nationals

Winning a National title has been a dream of ours since we first started attending NDA Nationals in 2008. We set a goal to get a “jacket” but it has always been about more. I take great pride in how hard the Eaglettes work. Nothing comes easy for us. A majority of our dancers do not have studio training, where many of the teams we compete against the majority of dancers come from years of dance training. The teams that compete at NDA are some of the greatest teams in the country. We are honored to be surround by such inspirational dancing. Our greatest strength is in our routine “cleaning” and intense work ethic. We know how to nit pick clean every little detail and I always say that “intensity is my favorite perfume.” It has been a long journey for us, filled with many people who have supported us along the way. We have had many ups and downs. We have grown as team and individuals. We have learned so much, including that we are capable of so much more than we ever thought possible, that we can always push harder, and that teamwork is the most important thing. We have gotten close before, but just fallen short. We have learned to pick ourselves up and try again, to never give up on our dreams. Our first ever National title has been years in the making. It is all of our alumni who have helped pave the way for us to get here. It is our choreographers who have given us inspiring routines time and time again. It is our coaching staff who have given their heart and soul to the team. It is our families (past and present) who have loved us through it all. It is our community who has been behind us. It is the current team who made a dream become a reality. There were a few of us able to walk up the “stairway to heaven” (to the NDA Champions Club) but there are many more people who helped get us there and were there with us in spirit.

This year’s pom routine was the most challenging routine we have ever done. It is filled with intricate formation changes, props, pom changes, costume changes, and was very physically demanding. We are so proud of the final product and grateful to our amazing choreographer, Angie Ruiz for her creative vision. The Eaglettes gave their two best performances at Nationals. They gave what I thought was the best performance in prelims. That performance landed us in 2nd place going in to finals. The Eaglettes were determined to improve their score for finals. We added an additional 2 hour practice outside in the hot sun to an already scheduled 3 hour practice at the dance studio. I am so proud of the drive and perseverance the team showed. They did not give up on themselves or their teammates. All of this work, on top of all of their work day in and day out throughout the year lead to their best performance in finals. As a coach, I could not ask for more, regardless of the outcome.

I am so proud of my girls. Seeing their faces so full of joy (with their mask make up running down their cheeks) is something that I will always treasure. Watching them jump up and down, screaming from excitement is something I will always remember. The hugs and embraces I got in those moments will always warm my heart. To be there with them as they reached such a big goal is one of the greatest blessings I could ever ask for. NDA’s saying is “The work is worth it.” I asked the girls at the end of the night if it was true. Their answer was a loud YES!

After years of hard work, we have finally come home with the infamous jackets. Eaglette history has been made. Someone very special once said “The best jacket is the Eaglette jacket.” This is so incredibly true. Our new jackets are very nice and we will wear them proudly, but to me, the best jacket will always be the Eaglette jacket.

– Sara Heptig (Head Coach and Eaglette Alumni)

2017 NDA Awards for the Olathe North Eaglettes:

  • Large Pom Division National Champions
    • The Eaglettes opted not to compete in the International Pom Division as it was a conflict of interest for our choreographer
  • Innovative Choreography Award in the Large Pom Division
  • 5th Place in the Large Jazz Division
  • 1 of 15 teams to receive a Sportsmanship Nomination
5 Star Productions

The Olathe North Eaglette Dance Team attended the 5 Star Productions Dance Team Competition at Olathe South on January 27th and 28th. The team brought home many awards including the following:

•Solo Winners: McKenna Cain, Shalise Hannibal, Ellie Miller, Linsey Rogers, Cassie Walsh, and Grace Williams
•Duet Award of Excellence for McKenna Cain / Shalise Hannibal and Ellie Miller / Cassie Walsh
•Ensemble Award of Excellence for Katy Cronin / Clara Ford / Kaitlyn Rupe / Morgan Salazar
•Judges Award for Polish and Precision for Varsity Lyrical
•Judges Award for Technique for Varsity Pom
•Judges Award for Choreography for Junior Varsity Hip Hop
•Judges Award for Showmanship for Varsity Jazz and Junior Varsity Pom
•Officer Award of Excellence
•Sweepstakes Trophy Winner for Varsity and Junior Varsity
•Five-Star Shining Star Award for Varsity and Junior Varsity for achieving a 90 or above from all judges on at least 3 team routines (highest rating attainable).
•Best in Class for the Varsity and Junior Varsity for being one of the highest scoring teams of the day in their divisions
•The Varsity Eaglettes were also selected for perform in the 5 Star Showcase. The judges chose 9 of their favorite routines to perform again at the end of the day and the Eaglettes were asked to perform their jazz routine.
•The biggest honor was being selected as the Most Admired Team, which was voted on by all of the other teams.

Congratulations, Eaglettes, for representing Olathe North in the best possible way!

Lee Summit North Invitational

The Olathe North Eaglette Dance Team attended the Lee Summit North Dance Team Invitational on January 21st.  The competition had over 65 teams participate. The team brought home many awards including the following:

• 2nd Place Varsity Pom
• Choreography Award for Varsity Pom
• 3rd Place Varsity Jazz
• 5th Place Varsity Lyrical
• 1st Place Junior Varsity Pom
• 3rd Place Junior Varsity Lyrical
• 4th Place Junior Varsity Hip Hop

Dancers from the Eaglettes also attended the Kansas Spectacular Dance Team Competition on January 20th. All performers were outstanding. Special recognition to:

• Solo Winners: McKenna Cain and Grace Williams
• Duet Award of Excellence for Ellie Miller / Cassie Walsh and McKenna Cain / Shalise Hannibal
• Ensemble Award of Excellence for the Varsity Officers (Jimeara Brock, Abby Falkner, Emily Krieg, and Ellie Miller)

Kansas City Classic

The Olathe North Eaglette Dance Team attended the Kansas City Classic Dance Team Competition at Liberty High School on December 10th.  The Kansas City Classic had over 25 high school teams participate.

The team brought home many awards including the following:
-1st Place Varsity Lyrical Jazz
-1st Place Varsity Traditional Jazz
-2nd Place Varsity Pom
-1st Place Junior Varsity Pom
-2nd Place Junior Varsity Lyrical Jazz
-Judges Award for the Most Entertaining Routine of the Entire Day Award for Varsity Pom
-Top Overall High Point Winner Division 5 for the Varsity Eaglettes (This incredible honor awarded the team free aerial lessons)

Congratulations, Eaglettes, for representing Olathe North in the best possible way!


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