“We rise by lifting others”

Year in School:

Year on Team:

Favorite Color:

Favorite Smell:
Rain or fresh grass

Favorite Book:
Love Does by Bob Goff

Favorite Sound:
Birds or rain

Favorite Food:
Veggie Straws

Can’t Miss TV Show:
I don’t really watch TV

Song I Know Every Word To:
Fergalicious by Fergie

The Last Thing I Think Of Before I Fall Asleep:
How my day went

This Makes Me The Most Happy:
Being around my family

One Thing I Would Change About High School If I Could:
The daily and weekly schedule

Biggest Pet Peeve:
Talking when someone else is

Favorite Current Obsession:
My car or Fitbit

My Current Cell Phone Wall Paper:
The 16-17 Eaglettes when we won Nationals

Scariest Thing I Have Ever Done:
Go on the curb while driving

Favorite Smell/Least Favorite Smell:
The rain/a skunk

Most Treasured Possession Is:
My Chacos

Biggest Thing On My Bucket List:
Going to a drive in movie

Future Child/Children’s Names:
Paisley,Harley or Emma

If I Knew It Was My Last Meal I Would Request:
Panera soup with a little Nothing Bundt Cake for dessert

Movie I Can Watch Over and Over Again:
Titanic or In Your Eyes

Favorite Dance Skill:
Leaps or jumps

Favorite Eaglette Routine (Performed or Watched):
Cop and Robbers

Your Most Memorable Eaglette Experience:
Camp when we all discovered Randall. Also making History at Nationals

Best Lesson Learned from Eaglettes:
Dance for each other because that’s all that really matters

When My Eaglette Career is Over, I Want to be Remembered for:
Being easy to talk to and what an Eaglette is all about

Advice I Would Give To Current And Future Eaglettes:
Live in the moment and cherish every second

Three Adjectives That Describe Me:

10 Things That You Don’t Know About Me (Or Probably Do):
my full name is Cassandra
I have hazel eyes
i can rap to Fergalicious
I have the same birthday as my half brother
i drive a white jeep compass i named “Thumper”
i’m going to Germany June 17th and coming back July 3rd
My Favorite thing that i own is my Chacos
I have 7 cousins on my moms side that i’m really close to
My favorite Universities right now are UF and Texas A&M


Dance Camp

June 12th, 2017
May 2019
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