“I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.”-Edna from The Incredibles

Year in School:

Year on Team:

Favorite Color:
teal and maroon

Favorite Smell:

Favorite Book:
The Fault in our Stars

Favorite Sound:
Baby sneezes

Favorite Food:
brownies and ice cream

Can’t Miss TV Show:
The Fosters and The Flash

Song I Know Every Word To:
Dangerous Woman

The Last Thing I Think Of Before I Fall Asleep At Night:
How many hours i get to sleep

This Makes Me The Most Happy:
My family and friends

One Thing I Would Change About High School If I Could:
The amount of homework we get

Biggest Pet Peeve:
When i say something and people don’t take my advice when what i said was right

 Favorite Current Obsession:
13 Reasons Why on Netflix

Cell Phone Wall Paper:
A picture of me Valerie,Abrielle, and Ava from Cheer Ball

Scariest Thing I Have Ever Done:
had surgery

Favorite Smell/Least Favorite Smell:
Fresh cinnamon rolls/morning breath

 Most Treasured Possession:
my phone

Biggest Thing On My Bucket List:
Meet one of my Favorite celebrities

Future Child/Children’s Names:
Emily, Isaac

If I Knew It Was My Last Meal I Would Request:
Chicken alfredo

Movie I Can Watch Over And Over Again Is:
Monsters Inc. and Mean Girls

Favorite Dance Skill:
Tinkerbell/Attitude jump

Favorite Eaglette Routine (Performed or Watched):
Star Wars pom

Your Memorable Eaglette Experience:
O.N.E Love Movement

Best Lesson Learned from Eaglettes:
Your team is what is important

When My Eaglette Career is Over, I Want to be Remembered for:
being the “mom” of the team

Advice I Would Give To Current And Future Eaglettes:
Your team should be your biggest motivation

Three Adjectives That Describe Me:

10 Things That You Don’t Know About Me (Or Probably Do):
I have 5 siblings
I have naturally curly hair
I was an officer on the SFT drill team
I love Collins Key (Youtuber)
I’ve watched at least 12 different TV series all of the way through and i’m watching even more
I am 5 feet and 11 Inches tall
I love High School Musical
I watched 13 Reasons Why in 3 days
I am reading the book too(13 Reasons Why)



Dance Camp

June 12th, 2017
May 2019
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